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Welcome to the Embassy of Malta in Dublin.

Being two islands in the periphery of Europe, serving as a bridge between two continents, having a millennial Christian tradition, and for centuries attracting the attention of greater powers, Malta and Ireland share more than membership in the European Union.  Dedicated to the rule of law domestically and on the global stage, being militarily non-aligned and politically engaged, and taking a principled approach to foreign policy, have led the two countries to be natural partners.  Recent transformations, such as the shift from countries compelled to emigrate some of their most precious resources to destinations attracting some of the best foreign talent, and putting full use to their intangible resources against a background of scarcity of natural minerals, have also led to common challenges.

The Embassy strives to improve the excellent relations between Malta and Ireland.  It facilitates political dialogue, trade and cultural exchanges between the two countries.  The Embassy offers various services to the Maltese community, including registration of births and marriages, renewal of passports, and validation of documents.  It also helps Maltese visitors in distress, such as when facing health emergencies or having their essential belongings misplaced.  The Embassy guides those looking to gain Maltese citizenship. It is a focal point for those considering a more permanent move between the two countries.