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The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Malta and the State of Israel were formally established in December 1965, shortly after Malta attained its independence. The two countries have, over the past fifty years, enjoyed good relations; these were taken to a higher level in 2008, when Malta opened a diplomatic representation, with resident Ambassador, in Tel Aviv.

The Malta Mission in Tel Aviv seeks to enhance and deepen Malta-Israel bilateral ties; in this sense it endeavours to promote Malta’s strategic geographic position in the Mediterranean, as a regional and international hub for investment, commerce, education, health, tourism; the Embassy also seeks to reach out to the general public in order to promote Malta’s art, history and culture.  Moreover, the Embassy is committed to providing efficient and responsive consular assistance to Maltese Nationals.

You are invited to discover this Embassy and how it can be of service to you.  We also augur that via this portal you will appreciate Malta’s potential as an investment location, its allure for the tourist, as well as it variegated culture.