Consular Services

The Embassy of Malta in Dublin​ provides the following services:
  1. Passports
  2. Citizenship
  3. Authentication of Documents
  4. Legalisation
  5. Marriage in Malta​
  6. Visas
  7. Public Registry Certificates
  8. Residence Schemes
  9. Other services​
    • Ad​ministration of Oaths/Affidavits

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday  1000-1200 and 1400-1600.  Closed on Embassy holidays.
Visits by appointment only ( [email protected] ).

1. Passports
New Maltese passports are biometric and issued by the Passport Office in Malta. Hence applicants must submit their application in person at the Consulate where their biometric data (photograph, fingerprints and signature) is captured electronically and subsequently transmitted to the Passport Office in Malta for processing. Please send an email on [email protected] to make an appointment to submit an application. Appointments are scheduled Monday to Friday during the opening hours of the Consulate.
To apply for a new passport, applicants must personally submit the following to the Malta Consulate:

Adult (over 18)
Must attend in Person
Must Present a valid form of photographic ID. Example: passport, ID card
Minor (ages 6-17)
Must attend in person and be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian
Section 7 and 8 of application FORM A should be duly compiled
2 photos signed by recommender should be presented with application
Child (ages 0-6)
Application must be submitted by the parent/s or legal guardian of the child. The presence of the child is not required.
Section 7 and 8 of application FORM A should be duly compiled
2 photos signed by recommender should be presented with application

Important Notes:

1. Parents visiting the Embassy should present their passport as well as the other parent’s passport together with the application of the child or minor.

2. The photos presented together with the application need to be endorsed (at the back) by the same recommender of section 7 and 8 of the passport application form.

3. If you are applying for a new passport due to a change in your surname through marriage please provide your marriage certificate and the birth certificate of your spouse together with your application. If you were married outside Ireland or Malta, please provide legalised/apostilled copies of the required certificates.

4. First time passport applications:
i. If you have applied for citizenship through the Embassy of Malta, provide us with your certificate or letter of citizenship;

ii. Present a valid form of identification (eg. passport, Maltese ID card, driving license, etc) when submitting your application form;

iii. Complete section 8 of the passport application form and present a certified photograph;

iv. If you have not applied for citizenship through the Embassy of Malta in Ireland, present your birth certificate and that of your parents and their marriage together with your certificate of citizenship;*

v. If you are applying for a first time passport for your child provide the child’s birth certificate, your certificate of marriage together with your birth certificate and that of your spouse.*

* Certificates to be produced MUST BE ORIGINAL certificates from the Registry of the place where the birth/marriage occurred or was registered. These must be apostilled or legalized if they do not originate in Malta or Ireland. Information about Birth/marriage certificates issued by the Public Registry in Malta can be retrieved by the Consulate. Hence, please provide us with the accurate dates and names of ascendants (Form CEA27)

  • Additional international and domestic courier fees are applicable.

Application Form: Passport Application Form

2. Citizenship

If you are interested in acquiring Maltese citizenship, kindly refer to Agenzija Komunita’ Malta’s website for eligibility and application guidelines. Citizenship can be acquired either by Birth, by Registration, by Naturalisation, by Dual/Multiple Citizenship and through Direct Investment. You may also find the updated citizenship fees at the end of the respective application form.​

3. Authentication of Certificates and Documents
The Embassy of Malta may authenticate official stamps or seals issued by the Government of Malta. Questions, queries and requests for an appointment are to be submitted through [email protected].​

4. Legalisation
The apostille service is only provided by the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade. If you require an apostille, please write to [email protected].

Information and details about apostilling is available here.

Further information on legalisation services at the Embassy or appointments can be obtained through [email protected].

5. Marriage in Malta
Maltese citizens planning to marry in Ireland should contact the Irish marriage registry where they intend to marry.

Foreign nationals who wish to marry in Malta should contact the Malta marriage registry by email on [email protected]They may also contact the marriage registry by telephone on: (+356) 2590 4240 or by mail on Public Registry, Onda Building, Aldo Moro Road, Marsa, MRS 9065, Malta.
Certificates and information can be obtained at

6. Visas
Please see Visa Advice for Foreign Nationals​​​ page​.

7. Public Registry Certificates
Birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates may be registered through the Embassy. Only original and apostilled/legalised certificates can be registered. Applications for registration of documents are processed by the Public Registry in Malta and hence the process can take up to a few weeks. The original certificates are kept by the Public Registry in Malta and will not be returned. provides all relative information about how to obtain Maltese registry certificates. Birth, Marriage, Death and Free Status certificates can be ordered online.

8. Residence Schemes

Information on residence schemes offered by the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs is available at,
Information on residence schemes offered by the Department of Inland Revenue is available here.
Applicants may contact the Embassy on [email protected].

9. Other Services

The Maltese Consulate may also:

  • Administer oaths, witness signatures and certify true copies of original Maltese documents. ​

Questions, queries on other services not listed, and requests for an appointment are to be submitted through [email protected].


For service fees please see the Service Fees​ page.
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