Maltese Citizens Registration
Embassy of Malta
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Washington, DC 20008

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 Emergency no.
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Maltese Citizens Registration

Register with the Embassy as a Maltese citizens in the United States of America

Whether you are a ​​Maltese citizen living in the United States permanently or for a definite period of time, we recommend that you fill in and return this registration form by email to [email protected].
The details you provide will help us to reach you and to provide assistance where possible in cases of emergency. They shall also allow us to keep you informed of our latest activities, including cultural events and important news related to travelling to Malta to vote, opportunities offered by the Directorate of Maltese Living Abroad, and other information that you might find useful. Registering with the Embassy will also make things quicker and easier when you require consular services, like renewing your Maltese passport in the United States, or in case the Embassy needs to contact you.

Register with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Malta
The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has launched Notification D – Voluntary Notification for Maltese Citizens living abroad. This is a new service being offered to our Maltese Diaspora, through this Voluntary Notification for Maltese Citizens who, for various reasons, travel abroad for a period of over one month. This Voluntary Notification is meant to strengthen and compliment the consular services already offered by the Maltese Government
Please fill in Notification D to assist the Maltese Government, through the Directorate for the Maltese Living Abroad, to act as a point of reference should you find yourself in distress during your stay in the United States and you require assistance in cases of emergency, and when this assistance can be offered. The details, which we strongly recommend that you supply, will make it easier for the Maltese authorities to reach you and to provide assistance where possible in cases of emergency. Please read these instructions carefully before filling in Notification D.