The Malta-North America Business Council Launched in Washington DC

The Malta-North America Business Council Launched in Washington DC

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Oct 07, 2020

The Embassy of Malta in Washington DC has launched the Malta-North America Business Council (MNABC) during a virtual meeting today, chaired by Ambassador Keith Azzopardi. The Council is composed of 12 American/Canadian Maltese as well as American and Canadian executive leaders from different sectors germane to Malta’s economic development.

The objectives of the Council are to advise on business opportunities of interest to Malta to, liaise with relevant entities in Malta, identify areas of new business opportunities and technology that are relevant to Malta, promote financial and industrial investment in Malta., facilitate business opportunities for Maltese and Malta-based businesses looking to expand in North America, as well as to facilitate contacts between Maltese and North American businesses.

Ambassador Keith Azzopardi outlined the mission statement of the Council and introduced its members who joined the online event from different corners of the United States and Canada. “The idea behind forming this Council is to work in tandem with and assist the relevant Maltese entities pertaining to Malta’s economic development with the aim of further promoting Malta as an ideal business hub in the United States and Canada.”

Also invited to the virtual launch of the Malta-North America Business Council was the CEO of Malta Enterprise Kurt Farrugia, the CEO of Trade Malta Anton Buttigieg, the CEO of Tech Malta Dana Farrugia, the Chairman of Finance Malta Rudolph Psaila, the Chief Operating Officer of Gaming Malta Ivan Filletti, the CEO of the Malta Tourism Authority Johann Buttigieg and the CEO of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Stephen McCarthy. All made a short introduction of the entities they represent and welcomed this initiative, while expressing their interest in working with the Council.

The Malta-North America Business Council will be based in Washington DC.